• Wicked Sound

    Powered by an advanced 8mm driver duobuds reproduce sound quality equivalent to brands costing 5 times as much.

    We also include three pairs of soft silicone earpieces in small, medium and large for a perfect fit.

    And to ensure your peace of mind duobuds have a 30 day money back guarantee — we even cover your shipping costs!

  • Easy Share

    There’s no sound like stereo sound.

    But what happens when your bud wants to listen in on your tunes, film or footy commentary?  You share your ear buds, lose your stereo and get their grubby ear germs.  Why not share in stereo instead?

    duobuds easy share — a first of its kind — transforms your headphones into a double adapter. And with more than one pair of duobuds a power board.

    duobuds share-port is a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.  Allowing use with all brands of headphones on the market.  So even if your bud doesn’t rock out with duobuds they can still hear the world as you do.

  • Click to Wear

    Idle headphones make for a tangled mess.

    So where do yours end up?  Wrapped around your music player?  Stuffed in your pocket?  At the bottom of your bag – imagine what they might bring up with them?!

    duobuds click to wear system, means you’ll never have to detangle your headphones again. Simply click the buds together behind your neck and away you go.

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